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Spray Tanning Do's & Don'ts

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The evening prior to your appointment:

DO - Exfoliate using a non-oil based scrub. Pay particular attention to dry areas of the body such as elbows and knees before moisturising.
DO - Shave or wax legs, underarms, bikini line etc.

The day of your appointment.

DO - Remove make-up.
DO NOT - Wax or shave anything.
DO NOT - Use deodorant, perfume moisturiser or any type of oils especially essential oils.
DO - Wear old or dark coloured undergarments to be sprayed in and loose clothing and sandals when leaving.

After the application:
DO NOT - Shower for approx 8 hours. The tan will start to develop 2-3 hours after application and continue to develop for up to 12 hours
DO NOT - Take part in any activity which may cause perspiration.

Maintaining your tan:

* A HVLP tan will typically last for 7 to 14 days. The length of time you have your tan depends on your skin type and how you care for it. After
having an airbrushed tan you should moisturise daily, preferably with a tan maintainer/extender.
* Some moisturisers will actually decrease the life of your tan. Taking long, hot baths or showers and wearing tight clothing that chafe, will
lessen the life of your tan.
* Do not exfoliate until the tan has worn away although it is sometimes necessary to exfoliate if some areas have faded much more than
others. The exfoliation will then help to give a more even appearance.
* After bathing, just pat yourself dry rather than rubbing.
* Avoid swimming pools as the chlorine will bleach your tan.

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